Eclectic (2014) by Alicia Kidman

Flux (2014) by Justyna Janiszewska

On Needles and Aged Wine (2013) by Alejandra Maturana

First It Flaked Then It Cracked (2012) by Justyna Janiszewska

Performance Credits:


• Collective Representation: Dancer for Martin Prosser, Birmingham, UK

• Salsaperformance Group: Dancer for Maria Palmieri, London, UK



• Flux: Justyna Janiszewska, London, UK

• Brother of Sleep: Suse Tietjen, London, UK

• Bodies in Urban Spaces: Cie. Willi Dorner, Bolzano, Italy

• Eclectic: Alicia Kidman, London, UK

• Performance and Repertory: Igor and Moreno, Efrosini Protopapa, London, UK

• Nothing as chaotic as it seems: Emily Wilkins, London, UK

• Member of Third Row Dance Company: Anna Watkins, London, UK

• What’s in your bag?: Eulanda Shead, London, UK



• Member of Third Row Dance Company : James Finnemore, London, UK

• First it Flaked then it Cracked: Justyna Janiszewska, London, UK



• Member of CoDa Dance Company: Nikki Watson, London, UK



• Winner of the European Championships (A.S.D.U.): Credentialz Crew, Jessica Schnugg, Hungary.


© Alicia Kidman 2015