Alicia Kidman is a London based dance artist who is known for her energetic, cheerful and individual personality.


Being half-Austrian and half-British, the London dance artist Alicia Kidman is renowned for her endless energy, power and her quirky but cheerful personality.


Alicia Kidman was brought up in the picturesque village Michaelbeuern, which is north of Salzburg (Austria). From an early age she developed an interest in dance when her mother took her to “The Nutcracker” in Salzburg. Twenty-two years later she teaches, choreographs and performs in the UK, Germany, Austria and Italy.


Having an interest in different dance styles, she is trained in Contemporary Dance with a particular interest in Release, Limon and Contact Improvisation, Salsa, Afro-Caribbean Dance Styles, Latin- and Ballroom and various Streetdance Styles. In 2011, she won the European Championships in HipHop and Funk (ASDU) in Hungary.


Her choreographic debut “Oscillations” was created as part of her training at University of Roehampton where she completed her BA Dance studies with a First Class Honours in July 2014. She has worked with several choreographers, such as Igor Moreno, Efrosini Protopapa, Anna Watkins,  James Finnemore, Rachael Kansaze Nanyonjo, Justyna Janiszewska, Eulanda Shead, Alejandra Maturana, Cie. Willi Dorner, Martin Prosser and Maria Palmieri.


After having fourteen years of teaching experience, she teaches all age groups and a variety of dance styles, such as Contemporary, Ballet, Creative Dance, various Streetdance Styles and Afro-Caribé Dance Fitness classes.




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